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EVP, short for Electronic Voice Phenomena, is the practice of using an audio recording device to capture sounds that are not present or detectable in the environment while the recording is actually being done. EVP recordings are typically of voices, believed by some to be discarnate spirits, which can produce single words or short phrases. These sounds may or may not fall within the range of sounds that are producible by human vocal chords.

EVP recordings can quite easily be done with an everyday digital voice recorder. These are the small pocket voice recorders that you can find at your local electronics store for about $50. Often they can hold many hours of recording which make them ideal to leave in a location for extended periods of time. Other investigators find it more productive to actively ask questions aloud while using a voice recorder in an attempt to communicate with whatever spirit or energy might be in that environment. If, when analyzing the EVP recordings it is determined that a meaningful response to the questions asked is discernable, then this would indicate something extremely noteworthy. The odds of randomly picking up on words and phrases in the environment that answer a direct question posed in the prior moment indicates an intelligent response that is not entirely understood by science. In the case of ghost hunting this is most likely the result of a discarnate spirit or other energy actively attempting to communicate with the person asking the questions.

With many pocket digital voice recorders, it is possible for them to receive radio frequency interference. As a result, it would be ideal if you could conduct your recordings in a sound proof room. Since this is not always possible, it can help to ask questions aloud while conducting your EVP recordings, therefore reducing the likelihood that some stray radio signal may have found a way of imprinting itself into the audio recording. If an EVP event is relevant, and answers the questions you are asking, it is apparent that there is an active intelligence behind it.

In addition to radio frequency interference, many digital voice recorders also pick up movements or sounds that take place on or inside the device. To help prevent this from interfering with sounds occurring in the outside environment it does help to hook up an external, omnidirectional microphone to the recording device.

When analyzing your EVP recordings, there are a number of software programs available to help you enhance and discern hot spots within the recording. The most common and free program is Audacity and it is available for free download here. There are other, more expensive and professional sound editing programs, but for most EVP researchers, the free program mentioned above should do all that you'll need.

Ghost Hunting Store - EVP

EVP equipment such as digital voice recorders and microphones are all available at TheGhostHunterStore.com.