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Ghost Hunting Equipment > Basic Gear

*Extra batteries
*Walkie talkies
*Notepad and paper
*First aid kit
*Maps and research

There are some basic supplies you will want to bring on even the simplest of hunts. First be sure to bring your camera, whether film, digital, or disposable. If you're not clear on what types are most suited for ghost hunting, please refer to our Ghost Hunting Cameras page.

Next, you will want to bring a notepad and paper to help document the hunt. Others have found it more helpful to use a simple audio recording device simply to keep track of the order of events. This can be extremely helpful later when analyzing and piecing together all of the events that may have taken place. In addition to a pen and paper, you will want to bring with you any maps or research that you have gathered prior to the hunt. These tools will be helpful for navigating around and finding potential hot spots at the location you have chosen.

Next, you will want to pack flashlights in order to simply see where you are going. This is assuming that you will be engaging in your hunt in the dark. It is also highly recommended that you bring a first aid kit in the event that someone happens to get hurt, which is a likely possibility simply because you will be fumbling around in a dark place that you might not be completely familiar with yet, even when it's light.
If you are bringing more than one person along, it also helps to have walkie talkies for communication between people in different rooms or within different areas of the location. Additionally, it is a wise idea to pack extra batteries with this basic gear for devices such as flashlights, walkie talkies, and your camera. The rapid draining of battery power in electronic devices is something that seems to correlate quite regularly with professional ghost hunts. Some theorize that ghosts and other energies draw on the power stored up and used in electronics, and as a result, it is a common occurrence to experience electronic glitches as well as rapid battery loss. Even if this does not turn out to be the case, it never hurts to have a spare set on your hands.

These are the most basic pieces of gear that even the most novice of ghost hunters should pack. There are plenty of other instruments and devices on the market to help you aid in a more professional ghost hunt such as infrared video cameras and EMF detectors. Please see the appropriate links on the side to learn more about these devices and how they can help you engage in a more thorough ghost hunting experience.