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If you're new to the world of ghost hunting and aren't quite sure what you'll need, then after this page, you should read the Ghost Hunting Store section to get an idea of the types of equipment and gear used on a ghost hunt.

For beginners to intermediate ghost hunters there are ghost hunting kits available. These kits contain some of the most basic gear such as flashlights, instructional books, and some of the more inexpensive EMF detectors. The kit won't contain some of the more common basic gear you will need such as a digital camera or digital pocket recorder, but these are things you most likely either already have, or can go purchase at your local electronics store.

Ghost Hunting Store - Ghost Hunting Kits

There are three types of kits available at TheGhostHunterStore.com, including beginners, starters, and the instant equipment kit. They start rather inexpensively around $40 with the more advanced kit priced around $150.