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When it comes to ghost hunting, most infrared cameras will do the trick for hunting in the dark. Most night vision cameras or viewers can cost upwards of a few hundred dollars and more. The way standard night vision works is by amplifying any and all available light which is already available in the environment. This is great for viewing objects in pure darkness just as you would expect to see them in the daytime when everything is bathed in visible light. The main advantage night vision cameras can provide is simply for filming or navigating your own way through the dark. Night vision equipment that simply amplifies already visible light will not show you any more than you would see with the naked eye in the day time. That said, in terms of ghost hunting, it would be the equivalent of using a standard video camera during the day to gather video evidence of things already visible with your own two eyes.

Some night vision may come equipped with infrared light features. Infrared allows you to see beyond the visible spectrum that the human eye can normally interpret. The advantage here is the ability to not only record in the dark, but that it allows you to see things beyond our already visible spectrum. The one difference in night vision using amplification and infrared, is that infrared will be limited in distance and area to how powerful of an infrared light beam the device is projecting, whereas standard amplification night vision will allow you to see the entire environment as if it were daytime since it does not require any additional light beams in order for the device to view the surroundings.

Ghost Hunting Store - Night Vision Equipment

TheGhostHunterStore.com carries night vision equipment for use in ghost hunting and other paranormal investigations.