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Extra Batteries Ghost hunting equipment takes power to operate, so make sure that you bring extra batteries for any portable or handheld devices such as flashlights, cameras, and walkie talkies. Ghost Hunters have also found that in areas of high paranormal activity power from electronic devices can rapidly drain without explanation.
Walkie Talkies Be sure to bring a pair of walkie talkies or a related communication device if you are working in a team. They will enable you to stay in touch with one another and communicate any occurrences even though you might be in separate rooms. They are also useful for discounting strange noises that may have been accidentally made by movements of people in other rooms. These crew-caused noises can be identified from truly paranormal noises by staying in communication when an event occurs and clarifying if anyone else on the team might have accidentally caused a sound or movement.
Flashlights Flashlights are essential for navigating your way around a haunted location in the dark. Many investigators prefer red or alternative colored LED flashlights as they are easier on the eyes and lenses when sitting in the dark for extended periods of time.
Notepad & Pen These basic tools are needed so that every key event can be chronologically recorded on paper. This is extremely useful when reviewing all of the evidence and to know at what times a significant event occurred. By writing down exact times and notations you can be clear about what happened, when it occurred, and save yourself a lot time in the analysis and review phase.
First Aid Kits When walking around through unfamiliar territory in the middle of the dark, and often in remote locations, it is always wise to bring a first aid kit with you in the event that someone gets injured.
Maps & Research Be sure to collect and gather all relevant data including preliminary witness testimonies and bring it with you to the investigation along with a map so that you can get a clear picture of where to set up your equipment and how to navigate your way when everything is dark.
Ghost Hunting Kits Most online ghost equipment stores offer some form of kit for the novice ghost hunters. Kits typically include basic elements like a flashlight, emf meter, and possibly an instructional book. These are affordable ways for beginners to purchase some of the most basic gear.
EMF/Gauss Detectors EMF Detectors are used to measure the amount of electromagnetic field in an area. Oftentimes it is believed that ghostly apparitions are accompanied by short bursts of measurable electromagnetic energy. Although electronics and other artificial gear may produce electromagnetic fields, they typically are not measurable as sporadic bursts in the natural environment. So when this happens, it is certainly noteworthy.
EVP Equipment Electronic Voice Phenomenon equipment includes audio recording devices, most popularly small and portable digital voice recorders capable of holding many hours of audio. Oftentimes omnidirectional microphones are used with these devices to gather a clearer recording with less internal and background noise getting in the way from moving the audio recording device around itself. These devices are used to gather audio clips of voices or other meaningful sounds that aren't typically within the range of human hearing. Oftentimes sound editing software is used to enhance and identify spikes in the audio stream that may be indicative of one of these audio anomalies.
Geiger Counters Geiger Counters are small, portable devices which are used to measure radioactive ions. Although somewhat controversial, some believe that radioactivity is associated with ghost and other spirit activity.
Thermometers Open air and infrared thermometers are used to take readings in the air or on surfaces to look for the commonly experienced "cold spots" that accompany spirit activity. Infrared thermometers have the ability of remotely measuring the temperature of surfaces.
Motion Sensors Infrared motion sensors can be of great help when trying to monitor a number of rooms at once. They can be set to sound an alarm or other alert feature whenever something enters the sensor that emits an infrared heat signature. There are even advanced infrared motion sensors that can snap photographs automatically each time they’re triggered. These are an ideal way to gather photographic evidence remotely.
Photo Cameras Ghost Hunters will use either standard 35mm film cameras or digital cameras if the pixel quality is high enough. Anything above 5MP is usually sufficient. Digital Cameras have the ability to capture such anomalies as formed apparitions, orbs, shadows, and more. The main benefit of using a digital camera is that results are instant.
Video Cameras Video Cameras are another popular investigation tool used by professional ghost hunters, although the right kind for investigating ghosts should come with an infrared setting. Most researchers prefer Sony as they have a "night shot" feature which uses infrared, although other brands also produce infrared video cameras. Small infrared wireless cams are also a great way of monitoring multiple locations from one vantage point.
Night Vision Although useful and much more expensive, most night vision will not provide much more of an advantage than an infrared lens would in the dark, and a regular camera would during the daytime. Since most night vision cameras simply amplify what light is already present, you will simply be taking pictures as if you were doing so with the lights on. A more cost effective way of snapping photos in the dark is by simply using the more common and affordable infrared cameras.
Supply Cases Professional ghost hunting equipment can add up and become a rather valuable investment. Most researchers choose to protect that investment with a padded briefcase for the more sensitive electronic equipment. It also presents a more professional image when you arrive on scene for an investigation.