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Free Ghost Hunting Tutorial

Learn How to go Ghost Hunting!Learn all of the ins and the outs of how to prepare for, then conduct, and follow up on a real professional ghost hunt. This tutorial should help inform you of the ultimate purpose of ghost hunting, the techniques, equipment used, and how to review and follow-up on a case. If you've seen it done on television and are wondering what steps to follow to begin ghost hunting on your own, then this section is a must read for you! We leave no stone unturned.. literally.

What's on TV?

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Ghost Hunting Store

Shop for all your ghost hunting equipment online. Our store summary page is also a great tool for beginners to use so that they can become familiar with what devices are available and what they are used for. Learn what an EMF detector is and how to use one. If you're a beginner, learn how you can use the camera and memo recorder in your own home to start hunting for paranormal evidence of ghosts where you already live!

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Did you know...

Cold spots are commonly associated with the presence of a ghost or spirit.

Rapid loss of battery power in electronics may accompany spirit activity.

Nearly half of Americans say they believe in ghosts, or that the dead can return in certain places and situations. - CBS News