Breaking Darkness – New Paranormal Ghost Hunting Reality TV Pilot

Breaking Darkness New Reality TV Show Pilot official extended trailer. Paranormal & Ghost Hunting

(Hosted by Rob Szarek, Also Pictured: Glenn White and Chad Cornell)

Breaking Darkness. New Reality TV Show Pilot and Documentary.
Two groups of paranormal researchers set out on a journey to uncover the truth about paranormal activity using two drastically different approaches at one haunted location.

Will these answers remain in the dark? Find out on… Breaking Darkness!


Check out the extended teaser trailer now!  Pilot shot at Ohio State Reformatory, Mansfield Ohio



The show is Hosted by Rob Szarek owner of LiveParanormal.com


Production still shots & cast:

(Niki ParaUnNormal)

(Nick Lantz)

(Deb Lantz)

(Glenn White)

(Pam and Steve Barry)

(Niki ParaUnnormal, Rob Szarek, Todd Schelat)