Paranormal Spotlight Radio Show Guest: Jeromy Jones Paranologies

Paranormal Spotlight Radio Show Guest: Jeromy Jones

(Director of Texas Paranormal and Owner/Creator of Paranologies)

LIVE- Every Tuesday at 10:30pm EST on LiveParanormal.com

hosted by Rob Szarek and Niki ParaUnNormal (Nicole Novelle)

Jeromy Jones has been in the electronics field for over 14 years as a Electrical Engineer. He is also a Paranormal Investigator and Director of Texas Paranormal Investigations since 1997. From each case he takes on he usually builds a new piece of equipment and from there he has spawned off a company named Paranologies, where he builds Paranormal Investigation equipment from scratch to help aid in the documentation of an Investigation. To date he has over 50 different instruments he has developed for his quest in discovering the afterlife. He or his equipment has been featured in several TV shows including have been featured on shows such as Ghost Hunters, The Haunted, My Ghost Story, Ghost Asylum, Haunted Australia and the 2015 Feature film Poltergeist.