After The Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunting Tutorial: After The Hunt

Once your hunt has been completed, it is time to review all the information you gathered. For your cameras and video feeds, this will include analyzing all photographs and video clips for anomalies. If you were using a monitor and could view the images and video as they were being taken and noted unusual activity, be sure to further analyze and enhance those pictures using the appropriate photo editing software. For your EVP recordings, you may very likely notice a lot of noises and activity when reviewing the tape that you did not hear audibly during the investigation. This is the key kind of information you are looking for. It is most helpful to know which spots to analyze further by reviewing any notes you wrote down during the investigation. Key information to note is what happened and at what exact time it occurred so you know where to place most of your focus during the review.

Once you have reviewed all the material, summarize your findings, noting all key unexplainable activity. See how this relates to witness testimony and the research you conducted regarding the history of the location. Does any of the information seem to align? If evidence supports the theory then you can draw your own conclusions and attempt to present them to anyone who may have been afflicted by the location so that they can better understand and come to terms with what they experienced.

Also important for those ghost hunters who wish to be of service and their main drive is to cleanse a location from hauntings, is to follow up several weeks and months later with anyone who actively lives at the location or was being afflicted by it on a regular basis. If negative activity has lessened or stopped altogether and the lives of those who were afflicted have been improved in some way, then you should consider your investigation a success regardless of what evidence may have been collected.