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Live video can be an extremely important part of documenting and providing evidence in a ghost hunt. Today's video cameras often come equipped with "infrared" settings which allow the cameras to literally see in the dark, beyond the limited portion of the light spectrum that the human eye can typically see. This means that when documenting your hunt, you can have a continuous shot both visually and audibly of the location for review later, despite how dark it may be. Video cameras make great tools for reviewing frame by frame after the expedition is complete. Many anomalies might not even be discovered until afterwards when you can go through and analyze each portion of what has been recorded. If you are interacting or asking questions aloud and expecting a response or interaction at a specifically noted time, then mark those times for later review on a frame by frame basis. Anomalies often occur very quickly, but by pinpointing specific times on the film for greater review, either by asking questions aloud or by documenting a specific time in the tape when other instruments picked up anomalies activity at the location, they make great sources of visual and possibly audible evidence too.

Most researchers seem to prefer the Sony line of video cameras with "nightshot" capabilities. This feature is the infrared setting we have been talking about. It is important to note that while most of these cameras already come equipped with a built in infrared light for filming in the dark, many of them have a very short range of only 10 feet or so. This is great for up close videos, but when you are trying to film a wider area as is the case in most ghost hunts, you may need to get a separate and more powerful infrared light with a longer range that will allow the camera to view a greater area. Remember the infrared light that comes built into the camera acts the same as a regular light or flash works on a camera, only it operates on a spectrum that is not visible to the naked eye. When it is converted in the camera into visible light that we can see, all the same principles apply. The infrared light will only be able to reach so far, and it will even create shadows behind the objects the light hits although you will never be able to see any of this light without the equipment.

It also does help for gathering still shots of the location to invest in a tripod. Additionally, multiple video cameras make a great way of monitoring a number of areas within a house or other location simultaneously. There are a number of small, portable infrared cams that will work just fine for recording multiple rooms. You will need to invest in other equipment such as a DVR to record the feeds either to hard disk or some other storage device.

Video Cameras as a Notation Tool

Video cameras also make great tools in standard mode for documenting a location in day light, or to record witness testimonies. As with other notation tools such as a handheld audio recorder, and a pen and notepad, visually documenting the entire location and happenings can help later when you go back and examine how all the evidence fits together. For instance, having one video camera simply to record the events from the investigators perspective in chronological order can help in piecing together when and where certain anomalies on each device may have been recorded.

Ghost Hunting Store - Infrared Video Cameras and Hookup Gear

TheGhostHunterStore.com has a great selection of quality infrared video cameras for use in documenting a professional ghost hunt. Also available are the appropriate hookups as well as portable DVRs and monitors to actively view and monitor multiple camera feeds from one location.